Company Profile

Gayle Sheldon Memorial Foundation

For Brain Cancer, Inc

Founded: June 2008

Foundation:  501(c)3 non-profit



President: Carol Horton

Vice President: Irene Johnson

Secretary: Sheila Stone

Treasurer: Christopher Horton


​​In 2005, Gayle was diagnosis with colon cancer.  She fought the cancer for a year.  In 2006 she was cancer free. She was doing well and was just starting to enjoy her golden years.  

June 22, 2007, we rushed to the hospital with what we thought was a stroke, only to find out she was having a   seizers, caused by the golf ball size tumor on her brain.  The doctors at the Rutland Region Medical Center said they could not handle the type of surgery she required and needed to send her to Dartmouth Medical Center in NH, where two days later she had brain surgery to remove the brain tumor. The doctors came to us after the surgery and said they removed most the tumor and said that it is not good but we would have to wait a few days for the final results, after two days of waiting we received the horrifying news that the type of cancer she had was Glioblastoma Multiform stage IV.   

During Gayle's sickness, she was thinking how she could help other who were going through the same thing as she was, she wanted to do a fundraiser to raise money to help those who need it during there illness.  She wanted a motocycle ride.  My mother passed away on October 19, 2007, She never saw the first ride roll out with over 100 motorcycles.

October 2010 Gayle's granddaughter's held the first "Honey Girl's Tea Party" fundraiser. This was something that Gayle did often with her granddaughter. They felt this was their way to honor their grandmother who did so much for them.  

Story About Gayle

Gayle Sheldon Memorial Foundation

 For Brain Cancer, Inc.

Gayle Sheldon was born June 10, 1936 in Danby, Vermont. She was the third child of Jerome & Irene LaMoria.  Gayle grew up in Rutland, Vermont. She graduated from Mount Saint Joseph. She married David S. Sheldon, Sr.; they were happily married for 44 years and raised four children together. 

Gayle was a strong, loving and very caring person, who never turned any one way who was in need of help. She was a caregiver for several different family members through out her live. I remember when she was caring for both her husband and mother at the same time. They died four months apart. 

She showed so much courage and strength during that time, it was hard to understand where that strength to keep doing for other like she did. One day I asked her, how can you keep doing this?  Her answer was “It’s my calling.